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2022 Spider Award Nominations

CDG are delighted to announce the four Spider Award Nominations for the following projects completed for our clients. 1. Best in Universal Design – Monaghan

Taoiseach Empowers new brand by CDG

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar launched the new brand Empower for the Fingal NGO, formerly “Blanchardstown Area Partnership”. We were delighted to have created the new brand for the

Brand building

Chapter 1: What is your brand? Small to medium sized businesses live and die based on the value of their brands. Brand is your biggest

How to write a good design brief?

Once you have found the perfect agency for you and you agreed with them to build your project, you need to start thinking about your

How to choose a logo designer?

Your logo or visual identity is the lifeblood of your business. It needs to represent your offering accurately, and tell the world about you at

EirSpiders 2016

CDG are delighted to learn that 2 of our projects for our clients got nominations for Eir Spider Awards 2016. In the business to business


Where to start when building your Brand Awareness? What would be more beneficial to your business: SEO or PPC? What is the difference between them? And, finally, what


The Entrepreneur.com defines logo as: “A recognizable graphic design element, often including a name, symbol or trademark, representing an organization or product” A logo should be original and


IS YOUR WEBSITE MOBILE FRIENDLY?…DO YOU PASS THE GOOGLE RESPONSIVE-WEBSITE TEST? On April 21st Google has updated its search algorithm to reflect the increased amount of

DesignSpiration Summer 2015 vol.1

As Professionals in Design we are always looking for new ideas. Here are the 10 websites design inspiration, we loved. Let’s start our web design inspiration with: 1.


We have recently created a CDG Brand Instagram account, we believe this is a great opportunity to engage with our wider audience on a more personal level

A is for Approach

“A” is for Approach Whichever strategy you choose for your Brand, you might still forget about few fundamental things. I saw a lot of small

UCD Start-Up Scoops €50k For R&D

I stumbled upon an interesting article today, it stated that Ireland has been ranked fourth in the EU Start-Up Nation Scoreboard. Reading this allowed me


The regional shortlist for the Bank Of Ireland Start-Up Awards will be announced this month, and I must say that I am really looking forward

The Power Of Branding

Brand is the most valuable asset a business can own. In fact, if managed properly, a brand asset will never be devalued. A well managed brand

The Phenomenon Of Brand Revitalization

Several studies have repeatedly compared brands to human beings. The anthropomorphic notion suggest that people have a natural propensity to “anthropomorphize” brands, therefore allotting human


Rejuvenating a brand is needed to revive a brand, or simply to revamp a brand that is naturally going through a stage of decline. Are

6 Steps To Brand Success

6 STEPS TO BRAND SUCCESS What create the brand success? Here is the list of the most important guidelines to rise your brand’s popularity. 1. TELL A

7 tips for great Google local searches

Establishing a strong web presence is a challenge that every business owner faces. For small businesses in particular, generating local traffic is key. Local customers

Why Branding matters?

What is your most valuable asset in Business? Is your staff, clients? Your office? Can you answer that question honestly? Whatever you say, we will

Brands whisperer #4: Apple

Each big brand has its own secrets and keys to success, so as this one ; Huge Corporation that is getting more and more fans all

Brands Whisperer #3

What’s one of the most famous sports car? What association do you have with ‘red sports car’? What car brand every child knows? Here we

How to drop a pin in Google Maps

Here is a step-by-step manual on how to drop a pin in Google Maps for your business. This is an important step in your digital marketing strategy which allows

What is missing from your design?

Are you full of bright ideas on design, only to be shot down by your colleagues? Well write down your good ideas, then write the opposite

Happy Easter Brands

Happy Easter everyone from everyone here at CDG Brand! Easter is a great time for everyone for kids and big kids alike. These year’s statistics predict that

5 Steps To Build Brand Equity

Branding is usually focused on companies that are selling a product or service, but there is more to branding than just corporations and organizations. So looking at

Brand Audit: Help Improve Your Brand

Brand audits are a careful inspection of a brand’s present position in the market compared to its competitors and an inspection of it’s effectiveness. It helps you

5 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out

In today’s business world, building a strong brand is the key to success. To build a strong and powerful brand,you must distinguish it and make

Tips On Increasing Logo Visibility

One of the most important aspects for your brand visibility and in building a brand is a visual side that is appealing to your customers –

Your Guide To Social Media Marketing

In our previous article, we told you about top social media sites that help businesses all over the world to engage with existing and potential customers.

Brand Whisperer #2

What do you think about when you hear ‘Just Do It’? It became such a popular phrase after Nike used it in their ads. Do you

Top 5 SMM Platforms

Every single business in the world already has or is already thinking about creating a website. Great website which would have a simple but pleasant eye-catching

Brand Profile – Creating A Buzz

Every single human is unique and different, they all have individual styles, tastes, and preferences. So how can we stand out from the crowd, differentiate

Using Video Marketing To Build Your Brand

Video Marketing is becoming more and more popular among different businesses and internet users. Before you play another YouTube video most likely you will see some colourful ads,

Managing Your Brand

I recently came across a book by Steve McKee called ‘Power Branding’, and he has made some very interesting points in the world of company

Personal Branding

Branding is usually focused on companies that are selling a product or service, but there is more to branding than just corporations and organizations. So looking at

Keeping Your Business Afloat

We can start up a business in no time, there is so much help, and we have easy access to all types of business information

Going That Extra Mile In B2B

Does your ‘To Do List’ look at ways to delight your B2B customers every day?May I suggest that in your Brand Design Process you add one more

Your Customers Brand Experience

Leaders in the branding industry generally understand the power of the Customers Brand Experience. Brand management firm Prophet released a state of the market study, showing

Branding Essentials

Many believe that brand design is an unnecessary expense, in that they feel it is a non revenue generating activity. This could not be further from the truth,

Brand Whisperer #1

Today we have chosen Starbucks as an example of successful brand history, which most of you know is the topic for our monthly Brand Whisperer section. So

Keeping Up With User Experience

How does your website look today? Does the design match up to your competitor websites? Is it relative to your market position? First impressions count! A dated website

Every Business Has A Brand Profile

Brand with touch points with a better brand profileBrand Recognition: Know something about it.Brand preference: Prefer a particular, but will buy another if not available.Brand Insistence:

Developing Your Brand Personality

Are You Maximizing Your Brand Image?By using offline creative marketing, and matching your web site can help your customer make a buying decision. Your web site