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An electric start-up in the Irish market.

LOCO Scooters is a new Irish start-up founded in 2020 by young entrepreneurs Paddy O’Brien and Jason Gore. They took advantage of the surge in demand for electric scooters in Ireland by establishing a retail outlet for electric scooters / bikes in-store but selling primarily online.  Vehicle sales are supported by a comprehensive maintenance and repair backup service. LOCO Scooters also caters to the corporate sector, offering fleet services and branding solutions in addition to deals for shared scooter schemes.

A modern approach to a modern transport solution.

To hit the road running, so to speak, it was critical to quickly establish the new brand as a quality provider of state-of-the-art electric scooter solution to both the consumer and corporate markets.

This project was to not only to successfully launch the Brand but also to design and implement a full promotional support framework that effectively placed LOCO Scooters as an innovator at the forefront of personal electric transport in the Irish market.

Constructing a forward-looking identity that successfully appeals to a modern audience.

CDG researched the LOCO Scooters business mission, products & services and target audience in order to fully understand the Company and its market.

Our solution was to establish the brand by creating a new, strong and bold identity.  CDG worked closely from the initial brand strategy stages by using its Innovideate  Brand Strategy model to help develop a new cutting-edge identity reflecting the new technology core values of the Brand.

This strategy forms a crucial part of the elements required to bring this new start-up to life. Knowing your customer journey and personas help to guide the design of the brand essence and ultimately the brand identity. Innovideate is an eight module process that builds your brand strategy with in-depth understanding of what makes your customer tick.

With the brand strategy clearly defined, CDG had a very clear understanding of what the brand identity should look like visually. We created the perfect brand identity using an abstract logo design reflecting the innovative nature of personal electric transport. The new bold, contemporary and strong typeface sits alongside a streamlined icon design, aesthetic, complementing the grey, green and black modern colour palette.

Developing an effective online presence and maximising customer traffic.

With the objective of creating a vibrant and modern identity for LOCO Scooters, CDG worked on all aspects of the LOCO Scooters brand. Additionally a huge part of developing the brand profile was the creation of a modern, user friendly and responsive modern website that not only informs but also provides an easy to navigate e-commerce platform for the sale of their scooters, accessories and other services.

LOCO’s online strategy came with full digital marketing support – SEO & SMO – and CDG produced eye catching and effective digital advertising design – both static and video content – ensuring maximum reach and awareness among its target audiences.

To communicate the real message of how versatile electric scooters could be, a two minute video and sub set videos were created by CDG. We developed the storyline of using a scooter for work, leisure convenience and sport & leisure. The video included sophisticated drone footage throughout Dublin. This communication channel helped to quickly drive the brand to further recognition.

In addition, CDG worked with LOCO on all its printed media including external signage and all of the brand’s stationary. This ensured a uniformity and interconnectivity in their brand identity across a range of traditional and online media

Improving customer service and increasing sales 

The implementation of the creative, online and offline briefs by CDG resulted in the production of a progressive and timeless brand identity that promotes it as a modern and forward looking company offering innovative and evolving technology solutions and services.

Indeed, our work will help LOCO Scooters remain at the forefront of personal electric transport sales for many years to come.

We were delighted to be part of the launch of this innovative new Irish business and linked to its current success.

LOCO commented:

“We were looking for an identity that set us apart from other suppliers – that we were THE PLACE to go for all of peoples’ electric scooters and bikes needs. CDG really did the business for us in this respect. Kudos to them.”

“We very concerned that our promotional strategy, on and offline, would effectively communicate what we are doing and generate not only enquiries but actual sales. The customer traffic on our website has been unreal and the reaction to our ads very positive. Sales of our products and services have surpassed anything we could have hoped for. I really believe CDG’s work has been a vital part of our success so far.”

Services Provided
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
  • Maintenace
  • Brand Collateral
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Digital Advertising
  • Stationery and Print Collateral
  • Seo & PPC
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