Using Colours When Branding To Generate Sales

Persuading Consumers Using Colours Psychology Is A Fascinating Subject. In This Post, I Will Outline How Colour Theory Can Help Consumers Identify Your Brand, Logo, Presence, And Encourage Them To Buy. Initially, you should define your brand image, what makes you stand out from competitors, what semblance do you want consumers to feel about your […]


Rejuvenating a brand is needed to revive a brand, or simply to revamp a brand that is naturally going through a stage of decline. Are your products not selling as well as they use to, or as well as you would hope? · Perhaps your customers have found a replacement for your brand elsewhere?  · Perhaps your […]

Brand’s whisperer 5: Facebook and Branding

Everybody knows what is and it is very likely that you use this website. Facebook is a social networking website that allows you to connect to millions of people from all around the world. People are using this network instead of actually going out to meet their friends. The question is though what the history of […]

To be or not to be in social media: that is the question!

TO BE OR NOT TO BE IN SOCIAL MEDIA: THAT IS THE QUESTION! There is a continuing debate over the activities of companies and their brands in social media. Most of the researchers believe that social media presents an opportunity for brands to further build their relationship with customers. Social networks and other online platforms influence the […]