Winners of ‘Best in Universal Design’ at the 2022 Spider Awards

2022 Spider Award Nominations This year we had 4 nominations and although we didn’t take home gold for all, we are delighted that the website we produced for Monaghan Institute was one of the winners. The award was given for the Best In Universal Design and was sponsored by The Centre for Excellence in Universal […]

2022 Spider Award Nominations

We are delighted to announce CDG has won this year’s Best in Universal Design award at the Spider Awards. CDG are delighted to announce the four Spider Award Nominations for the following projects completed for our clients. 1. Best in Universal Design – Monaghan Institute 2. Diversity in Digital – Dawn Meats The Premium Butcher  3. […]

Entering Awards – Pros and Cons

I was always lucky enough during my life to pick up a few medals and awards for arts and sports. I remember having a corner devoted to my array and always looking for a place for the next one to fit. While this is a healthy attitude, I came to realise later in life that […]

How brand design contributes to business success

Chapter 1: What’s brand design? One of the most important topics in the current corporate scenery is brand design. Brand design is defined by the Design Council, as “creativity deployed to a specific end”. Behind all the choices related to the graphics aspects of a brand, there’s the strategic goal to communicate defined values or characteristics […]

Brand loyalty: what customers want in exchange for their loyalty.

Every time our friend Mark goes to the grocery store he buys the same milk from the same brand. He doesn’t care about cheaper prices or different brands existing in the milk’s market. It seems like all the others available brands’ strategies are totally useless. Although brilliantly, designed these strategies seem to have lost their […]

How Storytelling can increase the communication value of your Corporate Branding.

1.Introduction Every type of company needs to find a way to communicate corporate values to its customers. But every person who works in the business world know that isn’t simple because all customers are different and not everybody have the same learning model. In this way, companies have tried over the years to find and […]