Driven Goals

Going That Extra Mile In B2B

Does your ‘To Do List’ look at ways to delight your B2B customers every day?May I suggest that in your Brand Design Process you add one more job to your To Do list. It takes very little time and can be very rewarding. It is simply this;Find something you can do each day which will delight one […]

Your Customers Brand Experience

Leaders in the branding industry generally understand the power of the Customers Brand Experience. Brand management firm Prophet released a state of the market study, showing that only 13% of business leaders believe the purchase experience is the most critical driver of the brand identity bringing the brand future success, 36% said the product and service […]

Branding Essentials

Many believe that brand design is an unnecessary expense, in that they feel it is a non revenue generating activity. This could not be further from the truth, allow me to explain why; Brand design is not just focusing on your company logo, it is essentially what distinguishes you from competitors on an emotional level. Branding allows consumers connect with […]

Timing Is Everything For Brand Growth

These statements are heard all over the world on any given day but most companies cannot switch direction just like that. A brand cannot afford to pull back from business as usual in order to refocus because doing so makes it vulnerable. It must instead continue to at least pursue stable growth in its current […]

Brand Whisperer #1

Today we have chosen Starbucks as an example of successful brand history, which most of you know is the topic for our monthly Brand Whisperer section. So what has kept it going for all these years? What secret do they not want to tell us? Why is it like a magnet for people – even if the nearest coffee […]

Keeping Up With User Experience

How does your website look today? Does the design match up to your competitor websites? Is it relative to your market position? First impressions count! A dated website will deter visitors, it appears unprofessional, untrustworthy, old fashioned and is far from engaging. As I always say ‘you can only ever make one first impression’. Technology and social media have literally […]